A Note Below (Lansin Island Short Stories 1) Pdf

A Note Below (Lansin Island Short Stories 1)

Number of page: 42
Author: Andrew Butcher
Publisher: Mr Andrew Butcher
Category: Fiction

Could you live in a haunted lighthouse Gavin Locke's reluctance to accept there are strange things happening in his home drives away his wife and daughter. As he grows lonelier and the 'hauntings' increase, he realises something has to be done
before it becomes dangerous.But what is causing the odd events
And what could it want from Gavin On Lansin Island, an Island with a dark history of witch burnings, Gavin must find a way to stop the hauntings and bring his family back home.If you enjoy reading about ghosts, romance, and the paranormal then this is a short story for you!*** A Note Below is a short story in the Lansin Island Paranormal Mysteries series, featuring a few select characters from A Death Displaced ***Word count:12,000 approxKeywords: psychic medium, ghosts, ghost stories, cozy ghost story, ghost fiction, haunted lighthouse, haunted island, haunted house, ghost romance, hauntings, spooky ghost stories, paranormal, paranormal suspense, supernatural suspense, witches, witchcraft, pagan fiction, wicca fiction, psychic fiction, occult, Lansin Island, Andrew Butcher.

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