The Family Tree of Jesus Pdf

The Family Tree of Jesus

Number of page: 330
Author: Curt D. Baker
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475977271
Category: History

Are the Old and New Testament accounts of Jesus lineage contradictory or complimentary
Is the family tree of Jesus a calendar, and what may it tell us about our own generation
Why was Adam old at 900, Abraham old at 150, and David an old man at only 70
How long is a Biblical generation, and exactly when was Jesus born
Is there historical proof of Jesus resurrection
The Family Tree of Jesus explores these questions, and much more. Within these pages: Astonishing facts and numerical properties about the lineage of Jesus.
Historical and archaeological proofs that substantiate the Bibles accuracy. Biographies of over 150 real men and women in Jesus genealogy all the way back to Adam. Irrefutable evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was exactly Who He claimed to be according to the prophecies concerning Him — the Messiah Whose coming was predicted 40 centuries before His birth. The Family Tree of Jesus is a 4000-year journey of discovery: The master list that leads to the Master

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