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Number of page: 523
Author: Sterling Hayden
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 9781786251732
Category: Biography & Autobiography

At seventeen, he ran away to sea. By twenty-two, he was the captain of his own brigantine. Discovered by Hollywood, he acted in more than forty motion pictures including THE ASPHALT JUNGLE and DR. STRANGELOVE. He has had three wives, including the famous film star, Madeleine Carroll. During the war he served with the O.S.S. and fought with the partisans in Yugoslavia. After the war, he joined the Communist Party and later recanted, naming the names of his fellow party members before the House Un-American Affairs Committee. Finally, scorning all that Hollywood represents, he threw up his $160,000-a-year career and sailed for Tahiti with his four children on a voyage that made headlines all over the world.WANDERER“A superb piece of writing. Literate and literary, rebellious and beatnik Echoes from Poe and Melville to Steinbeck and Mailer. A work of fascination on every level: Hayden’s love of the sea, his Hollywood success, his marriages and divorces, his vision of wartime heroism, and blacklist cowardice Brutal, savage and true.” — New York Post.

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