Family Secrets Pdf

Family Secrets

Number of page: 400
Author: Jeff Coen
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 9781569762462
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Painting a vivid picture of the scenes both inside and outside the courtroom and re-creating events from court transcripts, police records, interviews, and notes taken day after day as the story unfolded in court in 2007, this narrative accurately portrays cold-blooded–and sometimes incompetent–killers and their crimes. In 1998 Frank Calabrese Jr. offered to wear a wire to help the FBI build a case against his father, Frank Sr., and his uncle Nick. A top Mob boss, a reputed consigliore, and other high-profile members of the Chicago Outfit were eventually accused in a total of 18 gangland killings, revealing organized crime’s ruthless grip on the city throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. After a series of other defendants pled guilty, those left to face off in court alongside Frank Sr. were James Little Jimmy Marcello, the acting head of the Chicago mob; Joey the Clown Lombardo, one of Chicago’s most colorful mobsters; and Paul the Indian Schiro. A former Chicago police officer who worked in evidence, Anthony Twan Doyle, rounded out the list.The riveting testimony and wide-angle view provide one of the best accounts on record of the inner workings of the Chicago syndicate and its control over the city’s streets.

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