Good Vampires Go to Heaven Pdf

Good Vampires Go to Heaven

Number of page: 384
Author: Sandra Hill
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062356574
Category: Fiction

New York Times bestselling author SANDRA HILL continues her sexy deadly angels series with a good demon who might finally get his vangel wings…WHEN HE WAS BAD . . . Two-thousand-year-old vampire demon Zeb is supposed to spend eternity turning mortal sinners into bad guy Lucipires like himself. That way, they can grow their numbers and fight the vampire angels known as Vangels. But Zeb is a bad boy in a good way—secretly working as a double agent for none other than St. Michael the Archangel in hopes of one day earning his wings. Problem is, Zeb’s betrayal is discovered.Hello, demon dungeon.HE WAS VERY BAD . . . Until Regina, a foxy, flame-haired Vangel witch on a rescue mission, busts out Zeb, along with three oddball Lucipire witches. Hello, temptation!BUT TOGETHER THEY WERE VERY GOOD . . . !Their escape unleashes a war to defeat all Vangels forevermore. In an epic madcap battle between good and evil, a Demon just might earn his wings . . . and spend eternity with the Vangel of his wildest dreams.

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  •   Ty Smith Ty Smith
    Loved I absolutely loved this book, sad to see the story end love her character building and the world she creates sucks me into the books I can’t get enough
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