Sh*t My Dad Says Pdf

Sh*t My Dad Says

Number of page: 176
Author: Justin Halpern
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062002945
Category: Humor

“This book is ridiculously hilarious, and makes my father look like a normal member of society.” —Chelsea Handler “Read this unless you’re allergic to laughing.” —Kristen Bell “If you’re wondering if there is a real man behind the quotes on Twitter, the answer is a definite and laugh-out-loud yes.” —Christian Lander, New York Times bestselling author of Stuff White People Like Tuesdays with Morrie meets F My Life in this hilarious book about a son’s relationship with his foul-mouthed father by the 29-year-old comedy writer who created the massively popular Twitter feed of the same name.

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  • jenny Tuckerjenny Tucker
    Great read!!! Love everything it really was fun to read.
  • David ZofferDavid Zoffer
  • Maria VieiraMaria Vieira
    Great book At times, this book had me bursting into laughter. I’d constantly be looking up to find people giving me crazy looks.
  • Leo RoybalLeo Roybal
    Gut buster for sure! This book and a cup of coffee is a wonderful morning pick me up.
  • Ava BakerAva Baker
    I could not stop laughing out loud! I felt I was reading my thoughts out loud in a book. This was the best comedy I’ve read – ever. I read a lot out loud to my friends on a road trip to their lake house and they all laughed too! Great family stories! I will read Justin ‘ s other books as well.
  • Willie HarrisWillie Harris
    I Fuckin Love This Book !!!!!
  • Nina GonzalesNina Gonzales
  • Allen FieldsAllen Fields
    Sh*t My Dad Says My granddaughter thought my outbursts of laughter were comical while reading this book. Crude and comical, but profound all the same.
  • Victoria CereceresVictoria Cereceres
    Hilarious! ! I had been wanting to rea.d this book since it came out! Finally did and I love it! I will most definitely be buying the hardcopy! !
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