Religions of Mesoamerica Pdf

Religions of Mesoamerica

Number of page: 220
Author: Davíd Carrasco
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 9781478611035
Category: Religion

The Second Edition of nReligions of Mesoamerica comes at a turning point in the study of the nAmericas and the religious and cultural histories of the New World. To nthat end, esteemed scholar Davíd Carrasco integrates past and current nresearch, developments, and excavations to vividly synthesize the nhistory of Mesoamerican cultures—their religious forms, ceremonial ncenters, complex social structures, view of time and space, myths, and nrituals. Carrasco’s deep yet concise overview takes readers on an nabsorbing journey where they experience the dynamics and complexities of n Aztec and Maya cultures, the Spanish conquest, and cultural ncombinations of European and indigenous ideas and practices. He nskillfully demonstrates how the religious imagination was and continues nto be crucial to the survival and creativity of Mesoamerica and its nChicano/a descendants.

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