Thanks for the Money Pdf

Thanks for the Money

Number of page: 320
Author: Joel McHale
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, 2016
ISBN: 9780399575389

From actor and comedian Joel McHale comes the most important celebrity-penned book of this, or any, generation. Part shocking tell-all memoir, part aspirational how-to guide, and mostly all book, this one-of-a-kind tome is required reading for anyone who enjoys Hollywood gossip, get-rich-gradually tips, and copious illustrations and charts. “…Thanks for the Money is a clever, much-needed antidote to the age of celebrity book deals. If the tide can’t be stopped, at least it can be mocked.”— Joel McHale pulls back the curtain on his personal journey to stardom! Here, for the first time, Joel reveals all that has molded him into the acclaimed comic actor he is today: a love of performance, a series of boyhood head injuries, and most importantly, a passion for financial compensation and free shoes.It’s all here: Joel’s career trials and tribulations, his criminal trials and tribulations, and an honest, unflinching list of all the people he’s been paid money to make out with, on camera. But the book does not stop there! Because if you want wealth, fame, and cost-free footwear, Joel will share every vital tip he has learned: an insanely low-carb diet plan, how to escape from a certain pseudo-religious celebrity cult, and more!How can you unlock the power of the Joel McHale who lurks inside
What happened when Joel fought his Community co-star Chevy Chase
And hey, while we’re at it, what’s up with Joel’s hair—really
All will be revealed, within the pages of Thanks for the Money. Buy now, and receive—as a special bonus—an email receipt that details your purchase!From the Hardcover edition.

About The Author

Joel McHale is best known as host of E!'s The Soup and for his starring role on the hit comedy series Community. He will next be seen on Fox's revival of The X-Files, where he will play a conservative news anchor. His film credits include A Merry Friggin' Christmas, Deliver Us from Evil, Blended, TED, What's Your Number?, The Big Year, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, and The Informant. McHale also performs his stand-up act around the country to sold-out audiences. In 2014, he hosted the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, D.C., and recently hosted the 2015 ESPYS on ABC. Born in Rome and raised in Seattle, Washington, McHale was a history major at the University of Washington where he also was a member of their championship football team. He received his Master's of Fine Arts from UW's Actor's Training Program. McHale lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.

Boyd Vico and Brad Stevens have years of experience in both comedy writing and television production. Stevens and Vico have teamed up with McHale in the past – as two of the original writer/producers on The Soup, and for events such as The Independent Spirit Awards, the 2015 ESPY Awards, and the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner. They have written and produced series for Fox, Comedy Central, NBC, and VH1 and served as writers for the nationally syndicated radio program On Air With Ryan Seacrest.


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    LibraryThing Review Nope, no, thanks! 6:46 pm 16 October 2016 Thanks for the Money: How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be – Joel McHale Let me preface my actual review with a couple points
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