Getting Started Playing Guitar For Dummies, Enhanced Edition Pdf

Getting Started Playing Guitar For Dummies, Enhanced Edition

Number of page: 100
Author: Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118133217
Category: Music

When it comes to striking the strings of your guitar for the first time, Getting Started Playing Guitar For Dummies sets you going in the right direction. One of the coolest things about the guitar is that, even though you can devote your lifetime to perfecting your skills, you can start faking it rather quickly. This books gets you up and playing as quickly and easily as possible. You get expert tips and techniques and the integrated audio and video clips help you lly hone your skills as you play along. Master the basics when you discover how to properly hold the guitar, tune your guitar, and position your hands. Immerse yourself in sounds, techniques, and a whole lot of fun with this enhanced ebook. Part instruction, part video and audio play-a-long, and a whole lot of fun, this book gets you comfortable playing the coolest instrument around.

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About The Author

Mark Phillips is a Melbourne writer and unionist. He has worked more than 20 years in print journalism and related industries and is currently the editor of Working Life. He is the author of Radio City: The first 30 years of 3RRR-FM (The Vulgar Press, 2006). He made the Overland NUW FAir Australia Prize Shortlist with his title The Occupation.

  • Russ SchnappRuss Schnapp
    Very handy
  • aidan richardsonaidan richardson
    Mmmm Never got as far as paying.. Took the free sample.. The sample was about 30 pages of indexes so that’s a big part of the book just about wots in the book.. 🙁
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