The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles Pdf

The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles

Author: edited by Kenneth Womack
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521869652
Category: Music

From Please Please Me to Abbey Road, this collection of essays tells the fascinating story of the Beatles – the creation of the band, their musical influences, and their cultural significance, with emphasis on their genesis and practices as musicians, songwriters, and recording artists. Through detailed biographical and album analyses, the book uncovers the background of each band member and provides expansive readings of the band’s music. • Traces the group’s creative output from their earliest recordings through their career • Pays particular attention to the social and historical factors which contributed to the creation of the band • Investigates the Beatles’ unique enduring musical legacy and cultural power • Clearly organized into three sections, covering Background, Works, and History and Influence, the Companion is ideal for course usage, and is also a must-read for all Beatles fans

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About The Author

Kenneth Womack is Professor of English at Penn State University's Altoona College.

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