Forgiveness Pdf


Number of page: 272
Author: Chiquis Rivera
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781501104831
Category: Biography & Autobiography

“I wrote this book not to dismiss a rumor but to share something much more important: my journey to forgiveness.”
Chiquis Rivera is a singer and the daughter of the late music superstar Jenni Rivera. In Forgiveness, her memoir, Chiquis bravely reveals the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father during her childhood and the difficulties she’s faced in her personal life as a result. Despite growing up marked by the wounds of abuse, she eventually conquered her fear of love andintimacy.The story within these pages also recounts what caused the distance between her and her mother toward the end of Jenni’s life. In Forgiveness, Chiquis brings to light truths that she wishes she had been able to reveal to Jenni.
Two years after her mother’s death, Chiquis answers the most difficult questions: Was she able to make peace with Jenni
And in this story of triumph and tragedy, who is most in need of forgiveness

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  • Raquel RodriguezRaquel Rodriguez
    Tu si eres un gran exemplo como mujer y como ser humano mis respetos para ti y tu mama siento una gran admiracio por las dos las quiere su fan
  • Lani RivasLani Rivas
    Amazing book I love this book it’s very good and I always reed it
  • Andrea FernandezAndrea Fernandez
    😝😝😝 Chiquis no es como su mama jenni rivera
  • Trini EsquivelTrini Esquivel
    So far so great
  • Susan MartinezSusan Martinez
    Forgiveness Her story. It’s real. She suffered not only at the hands of her father but also at the hands of her mother. Poor girl. No child should grow up with a mother constantly jealous of her own daughter. Great book. She is a survivor.
  • Colette HaroColette Haro
    Its an ok book. Before anyone attacks me, yes I am a chiquis fan. That being said, I think this was an ok book. It did have some grammar mistakes and the writing structure wasn’t the best. I did enjoy reading the book and learning a little bit about her. However I did feel that instead of staying on the subject of forgiveness, it was more about her talking about how her mother was jealous of her :/
  • jaquelyn romerojaquelyn romero
  • proudmommy6109proudmommy6109
  • Johana OrtizJohana Ortiz
    Such an amazing, heartfelt journey this beautiful young lady had to endure to know and accept her strength.
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