How to Ruin Everything Deluxe Pdf

How to Ruin Everything Deluxe

Number of page: 240
Author: George Watsky
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780147515995
Category: Humor

The enhanced eBook edition of writer and musician George Watsky’s How to Ruin Everything provides photographic evidence of Watsky’s assorted misadventures. George’s personal photos from his awkward adolescent days, his post-graduation travels, and his recent cross-country music tour are included exclusively in this edition. There is bonus content for every chapter, including five videos and more than sixty photographs.
Are you a sensible, universally competent individual
Are you tired of the crushing monotony of leaping gracefully from one lily pad of success to the next
Are you sick of doing everything right   In this brutally honest and humorous debut, George Watsky chronicles the small triumphs over humiliation that make life bearable and how he has come to accept defeat as necessary to personal progress. The essays in How to Ruin Everything range from the absurd (how he became an international ivory smuggler) to the comical (his middle-school rap battle dominance) to the revelatory (his experiences with epilepsy), yet all are delivered with the type of linguistic dexterity and self-awareness that has won Watsky nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers. Alternately ribald and emotionally resonant, How to Ruin Everything announces a versatile writer with a promising career ahead.

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About The Author

George Watsky is a writer and musician from San Francisco, California. After getting his start as a teenager in competitive poetry slam, winning both the Youth Speaks Slam and Brave New Voices National Poetry Slam at the Apollo Theater, he has since branched out into hip hop and long-form writing. Watsky has performed on HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, the Ellen Show, the NAACP Image Awards, and his online videos have received hundreds of millions of YouTube hits. A committed live performer, he’s played hundreds of shows, both with his band and solo, across the North America, Europe, Australia, and India, including festival slots at San Francisco’s Outside Lands, Just for Laughs in Montreal, Rock the Bells, Soundset, Warped Tour, and released numerous music albums and mixtapes, including his most recent projects, 2013’s “Cardboard Castles” and 2014’s “All You Can Do.” He graduated from Emerson College with a degree in acting and dramatic writing, where he received the Rod Parker playwriting fellowship, and released a poetry collection, “Undisputed Backtalk Champion,” on First Word Press way back in 2006. And although he was forced to write a lot essays in school, he considers this his first attempt at prose.

  • Tessa ScamihornTessa Scamihorn
    Wonderful! Such a good read. It almost makes me cry that I’m done with it already!
  • JBONE151012JBONE151012
  • Michael! Michael!Michael! Michael!
    A Question The book brings ? Bring CDs’ , concert tickets and if the book is electronic or sheets so is it?
  • Fredy VeruFredy Veru
    George Watsky is brilliant Watsky’s creativity in so many mediums is inspiring.
  • Josh NystJosh Nyst
    Deluxe version Worth every penny especially the photos that come with it love watsky his crew of course dumbfounded was nice to see in the photos. As for the material of the book amazing so many vivid descriptions exactly what I love about watsky is how versatile he is and at this attempt it’s definitely worth the read.
  • Nick ArmstrongNick Armstrong
    Review: How to Ruin Everything: Essays “The Fear Is Real”. Love it.
  • EmilyEmily
    Review: How to Ruin Everything: Essays George Watsky is a fine poet, personality, and musician. He writes very personally and really allows us in our head and gives us the details to feel like we were there. Sarcastic, witty, honest, hilarious, poetic. I adored this book. Simply fantastic. Reading again for sure!
  • Melissa BugdenMelissa Bugden
    Review: How to Ruin Everything: Essays A great transition from slam poetry on social media to written word.
  • Becky RansbergerBecky Ransberger
    Review: How to Ruin Everything: Essays Recommend listening to the audio, definitely adds to the overall effect.
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