Butch Cassidy Pdf

Butch Cassidy

Number of page: 208
Author: W. C. Jameson
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications
ISBN: 9781589797406
Category: Biography & Autobiography

This well-researched biography of the life—and controversial death—of Robert LeRoy Parker, a.k.a. Butch Cassidy, is a journey across the late-nineteenth-century American West as we follow Cassidy’s exploits in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, where he made his name as a surprisingly affable outlaw. More important, this book answers the question: Did Butch Cassidy, noted outlaw of the American West, survive his alleged death at the hands of Bolivian soldiers in 1908 and return to friends and family in the United States
The evidence suggesting he did is impressive and not easily dismissed, but how he lived and what identity he assumed are still debated.

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About The Author

W.C. Jameson is the award-winning author of more than eighty books. He is the bestselling treasure author in America, and his prominence as a professional fortune hunter has led to stints as a consultant for the Unsolved Mysteries television show, the Travel Channel, and the History Channel. He lives in Llano, Texas.

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