The Sand Art Bottles of Andrew Clemens Pdf

The Sand Art Bottles of Andrew Clemens

Number of page: 148
Author: Roy Sucholeiki
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9781476621012
Category: Art

The sand art bottles of Andrew Clemens (1857–1894) draw reactions of astonishment and disbelief. Deaf from age six, Clemens began creating his bottles at an early age, selling them from his home and in local shops in his hometown of McGregor, Iowa. He later developed his craft to an extraordinarily high degree, using tempered hickory sticks with specially designed tips to deposit and position naturally colored grains of sand inside chemists’ bottles. Many since have attempted to duplicate his technique but his works of art stand unmatched. Clemens made possibly thousands of sand art bottles during his short life but relatively few remain. Some of these are in museums, and many are in private collections. Those that occasionally appear at auctions sell for thousands of dollars. This book covers Clemens’s life and work, with dozens of detailed photographs of his intricate designs.

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