The Dark Knight Trilogy Pdf

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Author: Christopher Nolan
Publisher: Opus Books, 2012
ISBN: 9781623160005

(Book). At nearly six hundred pages, The Dark Knight Trilogy , a behemoth of script and storyboards, captures on the page the dark mythic expanse of the cinematic Batman. These definitive, vibrant film blueprints published on the heels of the final film’s closely guarded release are destined to be enshrined on every fan’s bedside table, studied in universities, and emulated by filmmakers.

About The Author

Christopher Nolan is the writer/ director of Following, Memento, The Prestige (with Jonathan Nolan), and Inception, as well as Batman Begins (with David S. Goyer), The Dark Knight (with Jonathan Nolan) and The Dark Knight Rises (with Jonathan Nolan).

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