A Tent by the Creek Pdf

A Tent by the Creek

Number of page: 312
Author: Jean Werly
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 9781460233023
Category: Biography & Autobiography

 Not one of the four Southern California best-friends could have imagined the significance of a summer dance at Bass Lake in 1938—attended by friend, Cozzette. That dance amazingly, would be a pivotal event, changing the direction of all of their young lives.When summer came in 1939 Cozzette was starting married life on a U.S. Forest Service ranger station not far from Yosemite. Her first home wasn’t a house at all, rather a tent next to a little creek. Ironically, that unique and rustic little tent home, would be the spot Cozzette’s three hometown friends, would each meet the man they would marry.By summer of 1941, Jean was a newlywed and had also left their Southern California hometown; she too would be starting married on that same ranger station, in the same tents Cozzette and Frank had shared. Jean knew, prior to moving to the ranger station, her new life would surely take some adapting to. It was a bit overwhelming considering; there was no electricity, poor phone service, and no indoor plumbing.A special time remembered—a memoir—a charming story recounting life on a ranger station, the men and their work and life-long friendships; all the backdrop to a sweet, light hearted love story. Delightfully throughout, there will be smiles, chuckles and the laugh-out-loud adventures, that life held. Author Jean Werly also gives an interesting first hand look at local history and life during The Depression and World War II.Jean came to realize; sometimes the thing you feel you couldn’t possibly adapt to—ends up being the sweetest adventure of all—and indeed something worth sharing, as she has done wonderfully here. It was a magic time, like a fairytale adventure, and as a perfect ending should be, they did indeed live happily ever after.Book 1 1939-1946

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About The Author

Jean has chosen to stay on the family Ranch since the death of her husband Clyde in 1994. She continues to enjoy her many friends, family, her two lap cats, her yard and of course, writing. To all who know Jean, her quick sense of humor, kind spirit and steadfast faith are a continuing delight.

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