Sinful Intent Pdf

Sinful Intent

Number of page: 320
Author: Chelle Bliss
Publisher: Bliss Ink LLC, 2015
Category: Fiction

Someone was after her and it was my duty to stop them.
Never cross the line. That had always been my rule. But that was before Race True.
The moment I saw her, I wanted her. But there was a problem. She
wasn’t just another pretty face—no, she was my first client at ALFA PI.
My take-what-I-want attitude shouldn’t include her, but how the hell can
I be expected to keep my hands off
The danger that followed her had my protective instincts in
overdrive. And as the clock ticked down, the choice was laid out before
me: save her career or risk everything and have her in my bed. Could I
put aside my wants for her needs
Or would my selfishness destroy
everything in the process
Warning: If you can’t handle a dirty-mouthed bad boy or a tough woman with an attitude, this might not be the book for you.

  • Sonja SmithSonja Smith
    Good so far draws you in
  • Denise BaxterDenise Baxter
    The characters in this book are amazing. This book is do well written you honestly can let yourself escape into the story. You will find yourself emotionally involved, loving the good guys and really hating the bad.
  • alexis deanalexis dean
    Jasnibejcgxjsn Haha I
  • Majid SharifiMajid Sharifi
    Very good
  • Sonoma CollierSonoma Collier
    Sinful intent Amazing book! Hands down!
  • Marty CaldwellMarty Caldwell
    Sinful Intent Loved reading this one. The commaderie among the guys was so funny and touching at the same time. Keep writing stories like this and i will read every one of them.
  • Shayla DowShayla Dow
    I loved it Very interesting. I couldn’t put my phone down
  • Melissa SalamandraMelissa Salamandra
    Always good
  • john digajohn diga
    So far so good
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