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  • Las Eco Casas. Un Hogar Sostenible

    Las Eco Casas. Un Hogar Sostenible
    Marcos Cabral Duro

    Hay un montón de cosas que puedes hacer con el fin de vivir en un hogar respetuoso con el medio ambiente y tener un estilo de vida más verde. Aparte de la adopción del principio 'Reduce, reutiliza y recicla", en realidad se pueden adoptar diversas prácticas de ahorro energético. En realidad, hay un montón de aparatos y prácticas energéticas eficientes que puedes adoptar con el fin de hacer que tu hogar haga un uso más eficiente de la energía y en consecuencia sea una casa más verde. ¿Por qué no ayudar a reducir la contaminación? Reducir el uso de sustancias peligrosas y productos químicos, utilizar productos de limpieza para casas ecológicas, así como otros productos ecológicos para tus necesidades diarias contribuye de forma notable a mejorar el medio ambiente.

  • GB/T; GBT - Product Catalog. Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GB/T; GBT): Product catalog - Chinese National Standard: GB/T; GBT

    GB/T; GBT – Product Catalog. Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GB/T; GBT): Product catalog – Chinese National Standard: GB/T; GBT

    This document provides the comprehensive list of Chinese National Standards – Category: GB/T; GBT.

  • Turning for Furniture: Creating Furniture Parts on Your Lathe

    Turning for Furniture: Creating Furniture Parts on Your Lathe
    Ernie Conover

    Turn your ordinary projects into one-of-a-kind designs with Turning for Furniture. In this classic DVD, Ernie Conover shows you how to turn a beautiful assortment of furniture components — including decorative chair legs and bed posts, knobs, pulls, and ornaments — and increase your project options. You'll also learn how to: Turn a simple chair stretcher Make custom knobs and pulls Turn chair legs Duplicate parts with ease Turn an offset foot The next best thing to a private lesson, Turning for Furniture takes you right into expert woodworker Ernie Conover's shop for an unforgettable 55-minute lesson. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work — the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythms of each process. Impossible to miss a single step! Go directly to the chapter you want to watch and replay it as often as you want. Master it before you move on!

  • DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture and Decor: Creative Projects for Every Room of Your Home

    DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture and Decor: Creative Projects for Every Room of Your Home
    James Angus

    STYLISH DESIGNS FOR URBAN CHIC PROJECTS USING THE WORLD'S MOST INDISPENSABLE BUILDING MATERIAL—INDUSTRIAL PIPES Want to add an urban chic twist to your home decor? Just head down to your local hardware store for some pipe, then do the fun projects in this book. Packed with easy-to-follow tutorials and 400 step-by-step color photos, this helpful DIY guide teaches you how to transform plumbing fixtures into all types of cool household furnishings, including: FURNITURE •Wall-Mounted Bookshelves •Rolling Side Table DECOR •Decorative Door Handles •Tabletop Book Holder LIGHTING •Industrial Candelabra •Steampunk Floor Lamp STORAGE •Jewelry Stand •Garden Tool Rack Author James Angus explains everything you need to know, from choosing the fittings and using the right tools to mastering the art of assembly and adding designer touches for a finished look.

  • Restaurar y pintar los muebles

    Restaurar y pintar los muebles
    Mariagrazia Trevisan

    «Me aburro, ¿qué hago?» Niños, aquí tenéis un libro con más de 80 ideas que podéis realizar solos o en compañía, para que pasen las horas de forma divertida: • Aviones de papel de todos los tipos, para desafiar a vuestros amigos en carreras, con maniobras y planeos. • Origami para descubrir las infinitas posibilidades de una hoja de papel. • Joyas hechas con cuentas, bolsitos y bolsas originales para estar a la moda, sorprender a vuestras amigas y hacer un regalo único. • Diseñar o modelar con pasta de sal y realizar figuras mágicas con window color. Además aprenderéis a construir una maravillosa orquesta con la que exhibiros en un extraordinario concierto o cómo preparar un sabroso tentempié con vuestras propias manos… y, tal vez, en una fiesta podréis sorprender a todos vuestros invitados con asombrosos juegos de magia. En estas páginas encontraréis técnicas e ideas, pero lo mejor surgirá de vuestra fantasía. ¡El aburrimiento se convertirá en un lejano recuerdo!

  • GB, GB/T, GBT - Product Catalog. Translated English of Chinese Standard (All national standards GB, GB/T, GBT, GBZ): Product catalog - China National Standard: GB; GB/T; GBT

    GB, GB/T, GBT – Product Catalog. Translated English of Chinese Standard (All national standards GB, GB/T, GBT, GBZ): Product catalog – China National Standard: GB; GB/T; GBT

    This document provides the comprehensive list of Chinese National Standards – Category: GB; GB/T, GBT.

  • Furniture Makeovers: Simple Techniques for Transforming Furniture with Paint, Stains, Paper, Stencils, and More

    Furniture Makeovers: Simple Techniques for Transforming Furniture with Paint, Stains, Paper, Stencils, and More
    Barb Blair

    Furniture Makeovers shows how to transform tired furniture into stunning showpieces. You'll never look at a hand-me-down dresser the same way again! The book offers easy-to-follow techniques that can be applied to all different types of pieces, from bookshelves to desks: painting, applying gold leaf, wallpapering, distressing, dip dyeing, and more. In addition to the core techniques, author and Knack Studios founder Barb Blair shares 30 beautiful before-and-after makeovers from her studio and outlines how to achieve each look. With helpful step-by-step photographs, a visual glossary explaining all the tools and materials needed, and a lovely contemporary aesthetic, Furniture Makeovers is a treasure trove of ideas and instruction for the home decorator.

  • Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches: 75 Delicious, Handheld Meals Hot Out of Your Sandwich Maker

    Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches: 75 Delicious, Handheld Meals Hot Out of Your Sandwich Maker
    Jessica Harlan

    EGGY, CHEESY, TOASTY — YUMMY! Everyone loves a hot, satisfying breakfast sandwich. And thanks to the convenient new at home breakfast sandwich makers you can whip up one of these mouth-watering handheld meals in minutes! Whether you're looking for an old favorite or interested in trying something new, the imaginative recipes in this book utilize the wildly popular sandwich makers for the most delicious egg sandwiches ever, including: Classic: – Ham & Egg English Muffin- Lox & Cream Cheese Bagel- Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Creative: – Chicken & Waffles- Canadian Bacon & Pineapple- Peanut Butter & Banana Healthy: – Tomato & Swiss- Turkey & Egg Whites- Spinach & Feta Gourmet: – Herb Pancakes with Prosciutto- Crumpets with Smoked Salmon- Croissant with Ham & Brie

  • Tiny House Living: Your Mini Guide to Making Best of Your Tiny Home with Building Tips and Decorating Ideas: Tiny House

    Tiny House Living: Your Mini Guide to Making Best of Your Tiny Home with Building Tips and Decorating Ideas: Tiny House
    Gram Harris

    For anyone that has wished to get out there and grab life by the reigns. The enchanting world of “tiny homes” holds a very special allure. Saddling up to live in a space that is smaller than most studio apartments is a big leap for most of us. But if you are informed and know what you are doing you can go a long way with the latest in tiny home designs. Since the trend has advanced, so have the choices. In what was once a very obscure market decked out with a very small variety of tiny homes has turned into a veritable smorgasbord of tiny home consumption.And as the supply and demand rapidly increase for these homes the possibilities they present will increase as well. So as you way out the options, use this book as your guide. The information contained here will lead you through the markets, dealerships, licensing agencies and construction firms until you finally have that tiny house you always dreamed of!Some things that we will cover in this book include:Finding and Buying a Tiny HouseThe Basics of Tiny Home ConstructionFurniture and other arrangements for Tiny House LivingA guide to setting up permanent residence for your Tiny HomeDon’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

  • 好房子.好風水 設計手冊

    好房子.好風水 設計手冊

    內容包括: Ø 十大重點區域規劃:大門、玄關、窗戶、廚房、睡房、客飯廳、浴廁、室內通道及儲物室、陽台與庭園共十區規劃要點。 Ø 旺運好宅重點法則:住宅選址、住宅類別、屋形高低、地理環境、山水配對等。 Ø 風水美學結合要訣:不同風格之裝潢重點、家居顏色之風水力量、流年吉凶方位之家居佈置等。 Ø 每節均附有「玲玲老師錦囊」,讓你輕輕鬆鬆趨吉避凶,住進開運吉祥的「好房子」絕對無難度! 談及風水,有些人會認為是迷信無知,其實當中誤解頗多。風水是源遠流長的中華文化傳統智慧結晶,也是一門講求人與自然和諧共存的環境科學。 「風水」一詞最早見於西晉郭璞的《葬書》,內云:「氣乘風則散,界水則止。古人聚之使不散,行之使有止,故謂之風水。」古人相信陰陽之氣運行於天地之間,行於天則水可以化為風、雲、雨,下行於地則化作生氣,古代堪輿學家就是要靜觀山川形勢,捕捉氣之流動,再結合天象變化來作出最精準的分析。 「風水」在古代又稱為「堪輿」,東漢許慎曾引《漢書‧藝文志》一文來解釋何謂「堪輿」:「堪,天道也;輿,地道也。」顧名思義,「堪輿」即仰觀天象,俯察地理,乃天地之學。古代的堪輿學家,對於人類與大自然及周遭環境的結合有獨特看法,不論是家宅或先人墓地,都希望做能周密的考察自然環境,做到順天應人,創造出與大自然以及環境融合的良好居住環境。 時至今日,生活環境與古代已截然不同,但良好的居住環境,仍然是人們嚮往及需求的重要事項。事實上,部分人更不惜花費巨額,聘請專業的設計師來實現夢想中的家居。可是,光有金錢或美學追求,而不懂如何配合天地的自然法則,往往削弱了家居的正面能量,甚或對居住者的運勢帶來打擊。 本書綜合了麥玲玲師傅多年來的風水堪察經驗,再配合現代家居設計的風格,為各位讀者提供了有關房子的選址、設計、裝潢及佈置上的心得。期望社會大眾除了對風水加深認識,也可透過此書的內容,明白風水並非一成不變、守舊老土的學說;只要掌握當中的重要法則,加以靈活運用,風水也能與時並進,融入現代設計風格之中,塑造出舒適優雅的家居環境,同時又有旺宅旺運之效。

  • Rescue, Restore, Redecorate: Amy Howard s Guide to Refinishing Furniture and Accessories

    Rescue, Restore, Redecorate: Amy Howard’s Guide to Refinishing Furniture and Accessories
    Amy Howard

    Whether you dream of restoring an heirloom to its former beauty, or just want to modernize a flea market treasure, Amy Howard has the design and refinishing secrets you need. Here are all the furniture finishing recipes, techniques, and tips that have made Howard’s beloved classes sold-out success stories, and made Howard herself the go-to guru of refinishing and “use what you have” redecorating. Try your hand at unique painted and faux finishes, and experiment with gold leaf, distressing, and marvelous graining effects. Along the way, you will learn a treasure trove of techniques, as Howard shares before-and-after makeovers from her studio and offers impeccable step-by-step instruction in all that is needed to achieve each look.

  • Let There be Light - A Guide to Making and Decorating Lamp Shades in the Home

    Let There be Light – A Guide to Making and Decorating Lamp Shades in the Home
    Kay Hardy

    “Let There be Light” is a vintage guide to designing, making, and decorating lampshades. An often neglected opportunity for money-saving and self-expression, the lampshade can be a practical centrepiece of any room. This step-by-step guide walks the reader through every step of the process, making it suitable for DIY novices and hand-crafting veterans alike. Contents include: “Fabric or Paper”, “Color Hints”, “Simple Shapes Best”, “Paste-on Trims”, “Sew-on Trims”, “Cutting the Round Shade”, “Cutting the Square or Oblong Shade”, “Cutting Fluted Shades”, “Attaching to the Frame”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commissioned new introduction on making lampshades.

  • GB 29281-2012: Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB29281-2012: Safety requirements for playpens and similar cribs

    GB 29281-2012: Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB29281-2012: Safety requirements for playpens and similar cribs

    This Standard specifies the safety requirements and test methods of playpens and similar cribs. This Standard applies to the household playpens and similar cribs used for children not more than 15kg. It is not applicable to cradles and hammocks. This Standard does not apply to hanging toys, fitness toys and similar toys of playpens and similar cribs. It also does not apply to the safety technical requirements when playpens and similar cribs are converted to other functions.

  • home design: Plans, Exterior, Interior, Living Room, Bedroom, Garden Decor Ideas and More

    home design: Plans, Exterior, Interior, Living Room, Bedroom, Garden Decor Ideas and More
    home design

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  • Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects: Great Looking Furniture Anyone Can Build

    Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects: Great Looking Furniture Anyone Can Build
    Spike Carlsen

    Blending the practicality of IKEA with the creativity of Martha Stewart, this collection of 35+ innovative projects is presented with simplicity of construction in mind. The suggested pieces are practical, have broad appeal, and carry a high brag factor upon completion. Requiring minimal assembly time and tools, this concise, engaging, and even humorous guide offers countless tips as well as clear and instructive photography. The majority of the projects also incorporate clever construction, such as the use of bifold doors, stock cabinets, and off-the-shelf lumber, guaranteeing that the required materials are both inexpensive and easily accessible. Featuring ideas for furnishing both the interior and the exterior of the home, this handbook is ideal for weekend woodworkers.

  • Design for CNC: Furniture Projects and Fabrication Technique

    Design for CNC: Furniture Projects and Fabrication Technique
    Gary Rohrbacher

    Design, DIY, and computer-controlled fabrication are a powerful combination for making high-quality customized things. Written by the founders of the architecture, design, and research firm Filson and Rohrbacher, this book takes you through the basics of CNC fabrication, the design process, production, and construction of your own furniture designs. Through their AtFAB series of projects, accompanied by an overview of digital techniques and design thinking, this book introduces the knowledge and skills that you'll find widely applicable across all kinds of CNC projects. Not only will you learn how to design, fabricate, and assemble a wide range of projects, you'll have some great furniture to show for it! While 3D printing has been grabbing headlines, high school, college, library, and other public makerspaces have been making things with CNC machines. With a CNC router, you can cut parts from strong, tactile, durable materials like wood. Once you have your design and material, you can set up your job and let it run. When it's done, you can put the project together for an heirloom of your own. While 3D printing can make exciting things with complex designs, CNCs are the digital workhorses that produce large-scale, long-lasting objects.

  • 花小錢,過好日


    改造居家空間大變身只要0元!還有吃得好、穿得暖的「百元生活法」──過有質感的生活不必花大錢!小資時代的幸福經濟學多點巧思與創意,生活變得更美麗!本書打破「省錢很累、很辛苦」的迷思,教你輕鬆改變現狀,挖掘更美好的生活方式。讓省下的錢越來越多,日子越過越幸福,每個人都能成為「花小錢,過好日」的達人!特別收錄「妙招DIY」:為舊物創造新生命!★不用的毛線,織成去油汙超強力洗碗布!★拆下壞掉雨傘布,搖身一變浪漫桌巾!★自製桌椅腳墊,耐用又牢固!★馬克杯除了喝水,還能當花器、製物盒……★留下青蔥根部,可以種出一棵青蔥!七個新思維,天天過好日!1. 步調放緩,細細品味:將生活步調放緩,以步行代替乘車,以從容取代匆忙,並且將一天使用的電量降到最低,你會發現,日子開始響起不同的節奏……2. 簡單即幸福,周遭即美景:自製簡單點心,到附近的綠地郊遊吧!不用開車人擠人、不用花錢上餐廳,享受輕鬆、樂活的假日午後。3. 以物易物才是環保王道:東西壞了就丟、沒有就買,既浪費又不環保!用「以物易物」代替「汰舊換新」,找個週末逛逛二手市集,或許會有意外之喜喔!4. 舊物別丟棄,巧思換新生:喝完的牛奶瓶變身小盆栽、壞掉的雨傘布拆下來成為防水桌巾……用小創意改造家中角落,創造新的美麗風景!5. 親子家教班,交流零距離:一定要花錢送小孩上補習班嗎?其實,家長們多交流自己的專業才能,就能開設專屬家教班!6. 自己當小農,健康又安心:誰說住都市就不能當「小農」?利用盆栽和陽台,打造自己的開心農場,飲食健康又安心。7. 欲望少一點,品味多一些:想清楚什麼是「需要」,什麼是「想要」。將每一天的花費降到最低,嘗試一天一百元的新生活,你會發現,人生將煥然一新!

  • How to Turn Your House Into a Vacation Rental

    How to Turn Your House Into a Vacation Rental
    Jessica Lindsey

    Turning your house into a vacation rental can seem overwhelming at first… but it really doesn't have to be. This is a process that you can really enjoy and have fun with! I have set up houses as vacation rentals dozens and dozens of times, for my client's properties, as well as my own houses. I understand what is involved and required from every aspect, from assuring the property is in compliance with governmental agency rules and regulations, to making sure it has all the essentials that most guests require. In my commitment to assuring that my clients are continually successful with their vacation rental houses, I often find myself in the role of 'vacation rental counselor,' mostly pertaining to governmental agency and code compliance, quality assurance, and ongoing property maintenance required to meet the current industry standard.Pick up this book and learn the ins and outs of turning your home into a vacation home.

  • 衣櫥減法: 喚醒輕盈的自己

    衣櫥減法: 喚醒輕盈的自己

    看清你的「想要」與「不要」 斷捨離過多衣物與擁擠衣櫥 你值得擁有生活與生命的餘裕 各種場合中,讓你明亮動人的單品有幾件? 打理一身穿搭,你需要多久時間? 經常穿上身的衣服,只占衣櫥裡的20%! 80%的浪費,損失的不只是金錢,還有時間。 擁擠的衣櫥讓心愛的衣物無法好好呼吸,同時反映出我們在生活壓力下,缺少喘口氣的機會。懂得為何買、如何捨,才能真正成為衣櫥的主人,展現輕盈,擁抱純粹。 從事個人形象管理顧問二十餘年,協助上萬人次打造專屬的衣著風格,陳麗卿老師首度公開最完整的衣櫥整理技巧,讓衣物篩選、處理、分類、收納變得輕鬆又簡單;創新的「dress flow」法則,讓你的衣櫥永遠保持最佳狀態。

  • Shipping Container Homes: Amazing Ideas on How to Declutter, Organize and Decorate Your Small Living Space!: Live Mortgage Free

    Shipping Container Homes: Amazing Ideas on How to Declutter, Organize and Decorate Your Small Living Space!: Live Mortgage Free
    Sarah Benson

    So you want to downsize? Building and living in your own shipping container or other type of small home can be fraught with challenges and pitfalls for the unwary. Small homes have so many advantages to recommend them but it is easy to be put off by the potential problems living in a smaller space can generate.Luckily help is at hand and this book will guide you through everything you need to know to turn your small space into a stylish, comfortable home.Inside You Will Learn:· Why you should consider building your own home;· The benefits of living in a smaller space;· How a smaller home can give you financial security for life;· How to decorate your home to maximize the illusion of space;· Storage tricks for the smaller home;· How to organize your life to fit in a smaller space;· How to declutter like a pro;· And Much More​

  • French Polishing Stage by Stage - Easy to Follow Instructions for Novices

    French Polishing Stage by Stage – Easy to Follow Instructions for Novices

    This antiquarian book contains a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to French polishing. French Polishing is the art of covering wood with a layer of lac laid on in solution, the object being to produce a highly polished surface. Containing easy-to-follow instructions and helpful illustrations, this guide is perfect for the novice with little previous experience and makes for a great addition to collections of DIY literature. The chapters of this book are: Preparation, Staining, Filling In, Fadding-In, Colouring or Matching, Varnishing, Finishing, and Polishing Period Furniture. We have elected this book for modern republication due to the timeless nature of its contents, and we are proud to republish it now complete with a new introduction on French polish.

  • 儀式感: 把將就的日子過成講究的生活

    儀式感: 把將就的日子過成講究的生活

    村上春樹說:「儀式是一件重要的事情。」 它讓今天和其他日子不同,使此刻和其他時刻有別 儀式或許無法為你帶來幸運,但因儀式感而起的自覺,將使你開始思考生活,了解自己,進而重塑人生價值與意義。 你日復一日地為生存奔波,卻忘了生活長得什麼樣子;你整天泡在瑣碎的日常裡,是否感嘆:長大成人就是這麼一回事? 其實,生活很簡單,既然每一天都是人生的幾萬分之一,那就要過得特別而值得回憶,儀式感大概就是這麼一回事。用心對待看似平凡的小事,生活就是一個接著一個的節日! 儀式感不見得是多大的事,心情好時買花,可以增加愉悅感;心情不好時買花,可以讓煩惱減半。 在有限的能力與條件下,追求最好的事物與生活,培養求好的生活品質,進而豐富自信與心胸,找尋生活中最美好的事物,創造愉悅多元的心靈空間。 用心去生活,而不是拚命生存;將就的是日子,講究的才是生活。充滿儀式感的生活,才能讓平淡的日子,遇見富有格調的生活。

  • Upholstery Fabrics - A Guide to their Identification and Sales Features

    Upholstery Fabrics – A Guide to their Identification and Sales Features

    This classic handbook provides a wealth of information on traditional fabrics used in upholstery. Illustrated with helpful diagrams throughout, it is still of use to anyone interested in textiles, design and upholstering today. Contents include: A History of upholstery; A Guide for You; How Fabrics Help Sales; Three Things Make the Difference in Fabrics; What Fibers are Used – Where They Come From; What Different Fibers Look Like Magnified; Two Basic Kinds of Woven upholstery Fabrics – Pile Fabric; Why Some Fabrics Wear Better; Which Fabrics Clean Easily – Resist Soiling?; Like Sterling on Silver; A Final Word – to You – to Your Store; The Care and Cleaning of Furniture upholstery. We are republishing this vintage text in a modern and affordable edition, complete with a newly written introduction and featuring the original artwork.

  • DIY Woodwork: Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Fun and Creative DIY Wood Pallet Projects with Illustrations: Woodworking & DIY Household Projects

    DIY Woodwork: Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Fun and Creative DIY Wood Pallet Projects with Illustrations: Woodworking & DIY Household Projects
    Calvin Hale

    Have you seen pallets just lying around at businesses and wondered if you were able to use them for something?Has someone shown you or have you heard about upcycling pallets into furniture and other amazing DIY projects?Are you interested in making your own upcycled pallet project?Then you’ve found the right book! Upcycling pallets can be something as easy as making a shadow box with four sides and a back, or you can make a pallet coffee table that looks like a professional did it! Pallets are great materials for building sturdy furniture and other household goods because they’re made with hardwood and treated in a non-chemical fashion to avoid bug infestations.In this book you’ll learn:How to find a pallet that’s safe and usable for your project.How to make a planter.How to make a table.How to make a coffee table.How to make a strawberry planter.How to make a coat rack.How to make a vintage ice chest.How to make a bench.How to make a shadow box.How to make a gun rack.How to make a wine rack.And much more!So scroll up today and grab your copy of this eBook about how to make a pallet into something for your dream home!

  • Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures

    Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures
    Lara Spencer

    Focusing on nine different rooms (including her own recently purchased Manhattan apartment), Lara Spencer shows readers that all it takes is planning, shopping know-how, and a little imagination to create beautiful and comfortable homes that reflect their personal style. She takes readers through the step-by-step process of overcoming the challenges of the room, offering helpful tips and lessons along the way. She identi­fies the design dilemma; comes up with a decorat­ing plan; makes a mood board for inspiration; compiles a shopping list; scours flea markets for furniture and accessories that fit the bill; restores, repurposes, and reinvents the pieces she finds, giving them new life; and brings all the elements together in the gorgeous, finished space. With illuminating before, during, and after photographs of her DIY projects and the room installations, Lara demystifies the decorating process and allows readers to envision endless possibilities for what they can do in their own homes.

  • The French Polisher s Manual - A Description of French Polishing Methods and Technique

    The French Polisher’s Manual – A Description of French Polishing Methods and Technique

    Contained within this book is a detailed guide to French polishing, including information on technique, tools, materials, and much more. Comprising simple, step-by-step instructions coupled with detailed, helpful illustrations, this text is perfect for those with little or no experience in the subject and makes for a valuable addition to collections of DIY or woodworking literature. The chapters of this book include: 'The Workshop', 'The Bench', 'Brushes and Miscellaneous Items', 'Polishes and Varnishes', 'Fillers', 'Preparation', 'Staining', 'Filling-In', 'Fadding-In', 'Colouring and Matching', 'Varnishing', 'Bodying', 'Finishing', 'Polishing Period Furniture', 'Preservation and Renovation', and many more. We are proud to republish this text here complete with a new introduction on French Polish.

  • 一次看穿都更×合建契約陷阱: 良心律師專業解碼老屋改建眉角

    一次看穿都更×合建契約陷阱: 良心律師專業解碼老屋改建眉角

    20個都更案例‧20項建物觀念‧20條契約解析 精準掌握都更權益自保之道 原本坐擁一樓金店面,都更後一樣選得到嗎? 以什麼計算方式分配樓層、坪數才合理? 重建費用需要多少錢?由誰來負擔? 合約密密麻麻,行政程序一關又一關 你,真的知道怎麼保障自己的權益嗎? 不懂蓋房實務,法條內容像天書,都更合建規劃讓人心慌慌! 專業律師解析真實案例,一次了解都更基本概念、合理的分配方式,讓地主與建商充分合作、創造雙贏。 魔鬼藏在哪些細節裡,不藏私全公開!

  • Minimalismo para Mamás: Simplifica, arregla, y organiza tu camino hacia una vida plena libre de estrés (Minimalism for Moms / Spanish edition)

    Minimalismo para Mamás: Simplifica, arregla, y organiza tu camino hacia una vida plena libre de estrés (Minimalism for Moms / Spanish edition)
    Rachel Hathaway

    Esto es lo que todos queremos… ¡simplicidad! ¿Alguna vez te has detenido y te has dado cuenta de que lo que estás haciendo NO FUNCIONA REALMENTE? Tiene demasiadas cosas, demasiado estrés en tu vida, demasiado desorden en toda tu casa, y no suficiente tranquilidad. ¡Tienes DETENER el ciclo ahora, antes de que tus hijos terminen de la misma manera! El minimalismo es el enfoque que necesitas. ¡Tú PUEDES ordenar y simplificar tu vida! Aprende a involucrar a tus hijos y a tu esposo para mejorar la calidad de vida de tu familia eliminando lo que no es importante, lo inútil e innecesario para conseguir tu felicidad general. ¿Tu matrimonio sufre porque estás agotada constantemente? NECESITAS simplicidad… y el equilibrio. Este libro es una breve introducción a los principios básicos del minimalismo, con estrategias útiles para las mamás ocupadas sobre cómo ordenar cuidadosamente y eficazmente la casa, el trabajo, tu horario, tu presupuesto, y tu vida. ¡Lee este libro rápido hoy y haz los cambios de inmediato! (Traducción por Elisa Prada) This book is the Spanish translation edition of the "Minimalism for Moms" by Rachel Hathaway (Serenity at Home Series). Términos de búsqueda: mamá, ama de casa, ordenar, minimalismo, organización de del hogar

  • Little Free Libraries & Tiny Sheds: 12 Miniature Structures You Can Build

    Little Free Libraries & Tiny Sheds: 12 Miniature Structures You Can Build
    Philip Schmidt

    Expand the sharing movement to your community with Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds—your complete source for building tiny sharing structures, including plans for 12 different structures, step-by-step photography and instructions, inspirational examples, and maintenance. Around the world, a community movement is underway featuring quaint landscape structures mounted on posts in front yards and other green spaces. Some are built for personal use, as miniature sheds for gardeners or as decorative accent pieces. More commonly, though, they are evidence of the growing trend toward neighborhood organization and community outreach. This movement has been popularized by Wisconsin-based Little Free Library (LFL), whose members currently include 75,000 stewards seeking to build community togetherness and promote reading at the same time by sharing books among neighbors. LFL has inspired builders to use similar structures to share things like CDs, food, garden tools, and seeds in the community. Produced in cooperation with Little Free Library, Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds is the builder's complete source of inspiration and how-to knowledge. Illustrated throughout with colorful step-by-step photography and a gallery of tiny structures for further inspiration, Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds covers every step: planning and design, tools and building techniques, best materials, and 12 complete plans for structures of varying size and aesthetics. In addition, author and professional carpenter Phil Schmidt includes information on proper installation of small structures and common repairs and maintenance for down the road.Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds even includes information on how to become a steward, getting the word out about your little structure once it's up and running, and tips for building a lively collection. Community togetherness has never been so at the fore of our consciousness—or so important. Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds is one tool on the road to helping you build community in your neighborhood.

  • Furniture Arrangement and Balance

    Furniture Arrangement and Balance
    Christine Holbrook

    This book contains a vintage guide to furniture arrangement and interior deign. Through a series of diagrams, floor plans, and explanations it offers instructions on how to arrange the furniture and contents of various rooms so that the room is more inviting and comfortable. "Furniture Arrangement and Balance" will be of considerable utility to modern readers who have recently moved house. Contents include: "What is Balance?", "Combining Formal and Informal Groups", "How to Correct Errors", "In Room Arrangement", "Put Plans on Paper", "Incorrect", et cetera. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, high-quality edition complete with the original text and artwork.

  • Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture: 42 step-by-step projects to transform your home

    Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture: 42 step-by-step projects to transform your home
    Annie Sloan

    With this book in one hand and a brush in the other, you can learn how to transform everyday furniture into something special, all for the price of a pot of paint. Annie Sloan is a paint legend and one of the world’s most popular experts in the field of decorative painting. In Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more, Annie presents 40 new projects and ideas, showing you the easy way to update tired furniture and transform your home. Working with her own range of chalk paints, Annie shows how to mix colours and how to achieve certain looks. Whether your taste is for colourful boho chic or restrained Swedish hues, cosy and comforting rustic shades, a modern and contemporary approach or an elegant French look, here you will find a project to suit you. Start off by mastering the simple art of colourwashing, and work your way up to transfer printing, gilding, stencilling and glazing. There are even instructions for dyeing fabric using paint. As well as painting furniture, the projects range from a staircase painted in a rainbow of colours to stencilled walls, transforming floors with a coat of paint to dyeing linen curtains and even painting a vintage chandelier. Throughout the book, Annie offers expert tips, techniques, shortcuts and guidance, showing you the easy way to create a stylish home.

  • Исцеляющие точки нашего организма. Подробный атлас

    Исцеляющие точки нашего организма. Подробный атлас
    Лао Минь

    На протяжении многих веков на Востоке используют для лечения исцеляющие точки и зоны, расположенные на поверхности тела. Чем бы вы ни заболели, в какой бы форме ни протекала болезнь, существуют исцеляющие точки, которые, если на них правильно воздействовать, принесут облегчение болезни, а то и полное выздоровление!Каждый внутренний орган и каждая система имеют внешнюю проекцию на теле, связь с которой осуществляется по многим каналам. Через исцеляющие точки и зоны можно «достучаться» до больного органа и оказать на него благотворное воздействие простым нажатием или растиранием!Эта книга является подробным атласом исцеляющих точек и самоучителем способов воздействия на них. Обучитесь технике точечной акупрессуры, которая практически не имеет вредных побочных действий.Данное издание не является учебником по медицине.Все процедуры должны быть согласованы с лечащим врачом.

  • Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques

    Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques
    Karen Mazurkewich

    The international market for antique Chinese furniture is booming, and masterpieces from the Ming and Qing dynasties are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chinese Furniture is a survey of these collectibles—from the very best hardwood pieces featured to standard softwood specimens still available on the Asian market.This antique furniture book presents an overview of carving styles, wood types, regional variations, class distinctions and restoration techniques. It includes detailed chapters on various types of wooden furniture cover chairs, stools and benches, tables and desks, beds, cabinets and bookshelves, doors and screens and household accessories.With this renewed interest in antique furniture, a forgery market has emerged. Thousands of factories in southern China are churning out brand new or refurbished furniture and passing them off as Chinese antiques. Chinese Furniture unearths these forgeries and serves as an indispensable reference guide for collectors of antique wood furniture.

  • Home Decor Cheat Sheets: Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living

    Home Decor Cheat Sheets: Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living
    Jessica Probus

    THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPTS OF HOME DESIGN, DECOR, AND FURNISHING SIMPLIFIED INTO 300 FRIENDLY, EASTY-TO-UNDERSTAND GRAPHICS Home Decor Cheat Sheets shows you the dos, the don'ts and the timeless design rules for a perfectly coordinated space. These colorful, easy-to-understand illustrations teaching you everything needed to beautifully furnish, arrange and decorate your home. In mere seconds, you're able to grasp the vital concepts needed to give your house an inspiring look, including how to: – Properly Match Furniture Styles- Brighten Rooms with Natural Light- Stylishly Arrange Wall Art- Perfectly Fit the Rug to the Room- Create Dramatic Lighting Effects- Add Elegance Using Throw Pillows

  • 居家收納超強大全: 完整收錄1000+絕技隨時解決各種收納問題的家庭常備書

    居家收納超強大全: 完整收錄1000+絕技隨時解決各種收納問題的家庭常備書

    ?一本在手,就能極效收納的家庭常備書!好找好查,徹底解決你的居家收納問題收納其實不難,只需直覺式思考!收納Play編輯部特別蒐整了50類一般人常有收納困擾的居家物品,只需搜尋你的難收整物品就能直接比對、快速找到整理解決的好辦法,不需學習繁瑣步驟、輕鬆、快速、省時,看一次就能上手,換季家事必備這一本!《物品收納困擾.強效破解!》教你活用收納箱盒配件,聰明快速收整50類生活物品《超完美收納術.省力實踐!》教戰達人級的空間收整術,營造收納力激增的好感居家帶你準確掌握六大居家空間收整原則,以及多種生活物品收納法速學,並特別收錄超有收納想法的達人案例,公開如何把物品、衣物收得巧的完美秘技!豐富集結1000個收納好創意一次滿足你的需求,運用平價素材告訴你怎麼收、這樣擺,讓家中櫃子深處、畸零空間、牆面空間、隙縫空間…通通都能充分被使用。簡單、美觀、迅速整頓數量眾多的生活物品,全面延伸收納的可能性、消除你對收納的抗拒感!1. 集結居家收納創意1000+,教你一物多用平價素材快速、有效率地收整居家物品,零門檻收整即刻上手。2. 針對50項常有收納困擾的物品一一破解、漸進滿足玄關客廳、餐廳廚房、臥房、浴室…等各個空間的收納需求,好找好查、完整告訴你不需技巧也能夠省力收整居家的實用大全。3. 收納不單單只是整理物品,也能塑造個人風格,完整公開達人案例用創意打造完美居家空間的絕技!出版商名稱?麥浩斯

  • Make: Like The Pioneers: A Day in the Life with Sustainable, Low-Tech/No-Tech Solutions

    Make: Like The Pioneers: A Day in the Life with Sustainable, Low-Tech/No-Tech Solutions
    The Editors of Make:

    You may have mastered Arduino and 3D printing, but what will you make when the power goes out? This book, featuring projects drawn from previous issues of Make: and Craft:, features projects you can build with little or no technology. Whether it's making your own cider or starting a fire with a bow drill, the projects in this book will let you keep making even when you're away from civilization. Whether you're on a camping trip or fortifying the last human settlement against hordes of zombies, you'll find something in this book that will keep you happy, engaged, and most important of all… alive! Projects include:Making fire with a bow drillOld-school bookbindingKitchen table cider makingHogwash bacon soapDa Vinci reciprocating mechanismThe Rok-Bak chairOlive oil lamp