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  • Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them

    Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them
    Bernard S. Mason

    "Easy to follow instructions help the reader successfully make and throw their own boomerang out of materials found fairly easily in most areas of the country. A truly fascinating read." — Texas Kitchen and Garden and MoreIt only takes minutes to make a good, guaranteed-to-return boomerang. By following a few more simple steps you will learn how to throw it so it will always return to you. Soon you will be in possession of a new hobby, experimenting with many types of boomerangs, flying them in new tricks and stunts, achieving a degree of accuracy and excitement that will give you pleasure whether you are young or old, whether it is your first boomerang or your fiftieth.This is the outstanding book on boomerangs. While a certain amount of the information is drawn from native methods, most is composed of new designs by Bernard Mason that are easy to make, easy to throw, safe, and full of possibilities. There are the standards — cross-stick boomerangs ranging in size from fourteen inches to three feet. There are pin-wheel boomerangs, undoubtedly the best flyers. There are boomabirds, boomerangs in bird shapes, airplane shapes, and other ornamentals with a wealth of strange flight patterns. There are tumblesticks, boomerangs that look like nothing but simple straight sticks — until you throw them. There are boomerangs you can make from cardboard. And there are the curved stick boomerangs from Australia. In each section there are examples of the best flyers, plus others — largest, smallest, jumpers, fast flyers, smooth flyers, and many more.Since, as the author says, each boomerang possesses its own unique character, there is always the feeling of magic each time a new one is made and thrown. With this book you can learn to make nearly every type of known boomerang, learn to fly them, and add a new area of skill and recreation to your life.

  • Making Whirligigs, Whimsies, & Folk Toys

    Making Whirligigs, Whimsies, & Folk Toys
    Rodney Frost

    Create unique whirligigs and other moving-part creations, traditional folk toys, and unusual new designs out of wood.

  • Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You need to Design, Build and Create

    Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You need to Design, Build and Create
    Taunton Press

    From the experts at Fine Woodworking magazine, this complete and easy-to-follow resource has everything you need to know about the art of woodworking.Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How is the essential go-to book for every woodworking project imaginable, from building kitchen cabinets to refinishing a deck, from the vast cache of Fine Woodworking's projects and advice.Topics addressed in this book include:Types of WoodBuilding a WorkshopWorking and Finishing WoodDesign and StylesSmall and Large ProjectsEach section is further broken down into chapters that cover specific skills, projects, and crafts for both the beginner and the advanced woodworker. Featuring step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides and discussions, and an appendix of essential resources for supplies, tools, and materials, Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How is your one-stop-shop for trusted, tried, and true woodworking advice.This book is also a part of the Know-How series which includes other titles such as:Country Wisdom & Know-HowNatural Healing Wisdom & Know-HowCraft Wisdom & Know-HowGarden Wisdom & Know-How

  • Action Whirligigs: 25 Easy-to-Do Projects

    Action Whirligigs: 25 Easy-to-Do Projects
    Anders S. Lunde

    Whirligigs — those charming little wind-driven toys — make excellent introductory woodworking projects because they are easy to do, inexpensive and — most of all — great fun! Hobbyists at all levels of ability will love creating the 25 delightful projects described in this book, from the simple Baking a Pie whirligig to the double-armed Woman at the Computer. Other figures include a Man/Woman Fishing, Oil Well Pump, Saluting the Flag, See-Saw, and Bucking Bronco. Easy-to-follow instructions and measured drawings explain everything from selecting and using proper tools and creating the driving mechanism to finishing and displaying the completed project.

  • Folk Toys: Patterns & Projects for the Scroll Saw

    Folk Toys: Patterns & Projects for the Scroll Saw
    Ken Folk

    With brilliantly executed plans and full-size patterns, scroll sawers can create fascinating, movable toys for their children. Experienced woodworker Ken folk puts his own slant on 19 turn-of-the-century pull-toy, hand-crank, and gravity-operated toys–including lumberjacks sawing a log, ladies churning butter, horse with moving rider, diving frog, walking pig, hinged crocodile, hand-powered rail car, and more–for entertaining children for hours. 68 drawings.

  • The Urban Woodsman

    The Urban Woodsman
    Max Bainbridge

    Hand carving is easy, satisfying and therapeutic when guided by Max Bainbridge. Create your own unique pieces and carve with confidence thanks to detailed information on tools, cutting techniques and clear step-by-step photography accompanying each project. Start with basic spoons, cooking spoons and spatulas, before moving onto butter knives, chopping boards and small bowls, with only a few simple tools required. Max also advises on the perfect finish for your projects – how to sand, ebonise, scorch and texture surfaces as well as waxing and oiling your new creations. Whether you are a novice or an experienced carver, this book will inspire you to make something that you will be proud of.