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  • Mark Twain s Letters, Volume 6

    Mark Twain’s Letters, Volume 6
    Mark Twain

    … reviews, 20nl top, 665 projected provincial tour, 4-6, 12 "Roughing It" lecture: 6n2, 403nl; prompt notes, l7illus, 18nl; reviews, 18nl, 20nl top 1873-74 visit of SLC, 1-20, 30-31n2, 32nl, 32n3, 267, 320nl, 364-66, 369nl,418n3 1876 visit ( proposed), 576 remarks on English hospitality, 36nl, 167 SLC's English book: 1nl ; abandonment, xxxiii, 1 67, 4 1 8n 1 , 668; composition and contents, 46 & 49n4, 49n6, 51 &52 English Radical Leaders, 456n3 English Statesmen, 456n3 Essay, 505n6, …

  • The Excursion and The Recluse

    The Excursion and The Recluse
    William Wordsworth

    … And no such visionary views belong To those who occupy and till the ground, And on the bosom of the mountain dwell— A wedded Pair, in childless solitude. —A House of stones collected on the spot, By rude hands built, with rocky knolls in front, Backed also by a ledge of rock, whose crest Of birch-trees waves above the chimney top; 665 670 675 680 685 690 695 In shape, in size, and colour, an abode Such as The Excursion, Book Fifth 235.

  • The Sacred Writings of Archelaus (Annotated Edition)

    The Sacred Writings of Archelaus (Annotated Edition)

    However, as he was hard pressed for assertions like these, he betook himself to a certain widow, along with his four books: for he had attached to himself no disciple in that same locality, with the single exception of an old woman who became an intimate of his.663 Then,664 on a subsequent occasion, at the earliest dawn one morning, he went up to the top665 of a certain house, and there began to invoke certain names, which Turbo has told us only the seven elect have learned.

  • Pollok s Course of Time

    Pollok’s Course of Time
    Robert Pollok, James Robert Boyd

    Whom tempests serve; whom flaming fires obey: Who guides the circuit of the endless years: And sitt'st on high, and mak'st creation's top 665 Thy footstool: and behold'st below Thee, all— All naught, all less than naught, and vanity. Like transient dust that hovers on the scale, Ten thousand worlds are scatter'd in thy breath. Thou sitt'st on high, and measur'st destinies, 670 And days, and months, and wide revolving years: And dost according to thy holy will; And none can stay thy hand; …

  • Iowa Geological Survey

    Iowa Geological Survey

    fret thick: top. 665 feet above sea level): Limestone: Ihard and compact, nonmsgnesisn. light cream color: fracture 8L0' L “-— 2! 186 Silurian: Nlsgsrsn dolomite (215 feet thick; top 645 feet above sea level)– , Lliun-'llvlu', Imignrslun, light huff. porous. subcrystaliins__——_–__–___ lb 160 Limestone, powder, pinkish, srgillsceous, cherty: contains some magnesia; lssoclsted with some dark clay and light nonlnugneslan iimestone._-__._- 15 168 Limestone, powder, white , nonmsgnesian, …

  • Cheshire

    Elizabeth Baldwin, Lawrence M. Clopper, David Mills

    London, The National Archives: Public Record Office, CHES 2/149; 1476–8; Latin and English; parchment; 11 membranes, attached at top; 665–850mm x 285mm ( text area variable); antiquarian ink numbering; some membranes written continuously, some written from top on both sides; antiquarian parchment cover. London, The National Archives: Public Record Office, CHES 2/151; 1479; Latin, English, and AngloNorman; parchment; 6 membranes, attached at top; 570– 820mm x …

  • DNA Engineered Noble Metal Nanoparticles

    DNA Engineered Noble Metal Nanoparticles
    Ign?c Capek

    … 9.20; top) [665]. The molecule could adopt two conformations (Scheme 9.20; top): a stem-loop structure with the fluorophore and the gold nanoparticle held in close proximity (hairpin state) P L e m i s s i o n. Scheme 9.18 Schematic representations of PDGF nanosensors that operate based on substantial UV absorption cross sections of the DNA nucleobases: adenine. 394 DNA Engineered Noble Metal Nanoparticles.

  • Congressional Serial Set

    Congressional Serial Set

    Quaternary: Alluvial and drift deposits in ancient river valley Devonian (20 feet thick; top, 665 feet above sea level): Limestone: hard and compact, nonmagnesian, light cream color: fracture sub- oonchoidal Silurian: Niagara dolomite (215 feet thick; top, 645 feet above sea level)— limestone; magnesian, light bun, porous, subcrystalline Limestone; powder, pinkish, argillaceous, chert y ; contains some magnesia: associated with some dark clay and light nonmagnesian limestone …

  • The Modern Gasoline Automobile

    The Modern Gasoline Automobile
    Victor Wilfred Pagé

    Carburetors, Multiple-Nozzle, 278. Carburetors, Peerless, 276. Carburetors, Pierce, 273. Carburetors, Saurer Economy. 282. Carburetors, Stromberg Double Jet, 280. Carburetors, Troubles of, 648. Carburetors, Zenith Double Jet, 289. Car Lifting Jacks, 601. Care of Finished Parts, 601. Care of Front Axles, 659. Care of Hands when Repairing, 666. Care of Miscellaneous Chassis Parts, 660. Care of Shaft Driving Systems, 359. Care of Steering Connections, 659. Care of Wet Top, 665.

  • Engineering Dynamics, Volume 10

    Engineering Dynamics, Volume 10
    Jerry Ginsberg

    CUFX195-Book CUFX195-Ginsberg 978 0 521 88303 0 In dex Sleeping top, 665 Slider, see collar connection Slug, mass unit, 17 Space cone, 213-214, 640, 652 Space-fixed axes, 100, 103, 638 rotations, 103-105, 121 Speed, 33, 48-51 Spherical coordinates, 51, 58-62, 70, 168, 246-247 for virtual displacement, 420 Spherical pendulum, 154-158 Spin Eulerian angle, 179-180 in free motion, 637- 640, 643-644 of a free gyroscope, 673-675 of a gyrocompass, 678 of a single- axis …

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