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  • Molecular Manipulation with Atomic Force Microscopy

    Molecular Manipulation with Atomic Force Microscopy
    Anne-Sophie Duwez, Nicolas Willet .,.the.creation.of.a.computationally. designed. accomplished..This. was. done. by. David. Baker. and. associates. in. 2003. with. the. introduction. of. Top7. ( al..2003)..The.fold.that.constitutes.Top7. was.computationally.designed. Figure.2.5B).

  • Issues in Applied Computing: 2011 Edition

    Issues in Applied Computing: 2011 Edition

    extreme pH and temperature conditions Current study results from the report, ' Molecular basis of the structural stability of a Top7-based scaffold at extreme pH and temperature conditions,' have been published. “The development of stable biomolecular scaffolds that can tolerate environmental extremes has considerable potential for industrial and defense-related applications. However, most natural proteins are not sufficiently stable to withstand non-physiological conditions,” …

  • Protein Engineering Handbook

    Protein Engineering Handbook
    Stefan Lutz, Uwe Theo Bornscheuer

    since Top7 is so stable and has seven secondary structural elements, it is likely that it can form substructures that are also relatively stable, leading to populated folding intermediates [27]. However, as many of the mutations that were tested destabilized Top7 without simplifying thefolding kinetics, its stability alonedoes not causeits complicated foldingpathway. Thedesign processonly took intoaccount the final folded nativestructure, without any negative design to prevent stabilization of …

  • Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

    Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
    João C. Setubal, Nalvo F. Almeida

    Influence of Scaffold Stability and Electrostatics on Top7-Based Engineered Helical HIV-1 Epitopes Isabelle F.T. Viana1,2,3, Rafael Dhalia4, Marco A. Krieger3, Ernesto T.A. Marques2,4, and Roberto D. Lins1 1 Department of Fundamental Chemistry, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, PE, 50670- 560, Brazil 2 Center for Vaccine Research and Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh, PA, 15261, USA 3 Carlos Chagas Institute, Oswaldo Cruz …

  • Comprehensive Nanoscience and Technology

    Comprehensive Nanoscience and Technology

    The ultimate example of a nonmechanical protein of significant mechanical stability is the computationally designed protein Top7 [117]. Top7 is a de novo designed protein and, thus, does not have any mechanical or biological function [ 120]. Top7 shows a novel sequence and a novel protein fold that are not found in nature. Top7 is an α/β protein composed of five β strands packed against two α helices. Single-molecule AFM experiments showed that Top7 is mechanically stable and …

  • 싱가폴호텔 센토사 Top7

    싱가폴호텔 센토사 Top7

    … 밤에 더 아름다운 마리나베이의 대표적인 럭셔리 호텔 다 섯곳을 시작으로, 나이트라이프를 즐기고 싶은 2030 여행자를 위한 클락키의 Top3, 편리한 교통과 합리적인 가격대를 자랑하는 아홉곳의 시티호텔은 물론 세계적인 관광지 센토사의 개 성 넘치는 호텔 일곱곳까지… 호텔천국 싱가폴이라면 당신이 영원히 잊지 못할 하룻밤도 결코 꿈만은 아닐 것입니다. B -목차/Index판권/Publication Right 표제지/ Title Page 싱가폴호텔 센토사 Top7 하드락호텔싱가포르/페스티브호텔 : 동심천국 샹그릴라.

  • Privacy-Aware Knowledge Discovery

    Privacy-Aware Knowledge Discovery
    Francesco Bonchi, Elena Ferrari

    18.5 Top5 Top7 Top9 BE = 14.7% UETop5 = 20.4%, UE Top7 = 21.5%, 18.0 UE Top9 = 22.4% 14.5 15.0 15.5 16.0 16.5 17.0 17.5 20 60 100140180300500700900 Threshold k AE( % ) tive than breaking it into multiple QIDs. For this reason, we first consider the case of single QID. To ensure that masking is working on attributes that have impact on classification, the QID contains the top N attributes ranked by the C4.5 classifier. The top rank attribute is the attribute at the top of the C4.5 …

  • Crossroads Semantics

    Crossroads Semantics
    Hilke Reckman, Lisa L.S. Cheng, Maarten Hijzelendoorn, Rint Sybesma

    One can sum the raw numbers underlying the individual biases (as is done in row “Top7 verbs”), and divide by the summed total frequencies of the verbs in the group. For instance, the Top7 verbs together have a bias of 53.4% (= (52,942/ 99,201)*100) in favour of MAIN-FIN. This average is weighted for frequency of the underlying individual verb biases. In the second procedure, one first computes the bias percentages for each verb separately, followed by adding and averaging these …

  • Quantitative Social Science

    Quantitative Social Science
    Kosuke Imai

    We now add these cities to the map using the points() function, as well as their city names using the text() function. map(database = "state", regions = "California" ) points(x = cal.cities$long[top7], y = cal.cities$lat[top7], pch = 19) ## add a constant to longitude to avoid overlapping with circles text(x = cal.cities$long[top7 ] + 2.25, y = cal.cities$lat[top7], label = cal.cities$name[top7]) title("Largest cities of California") Largest cities of California San Francisco CA Sacramento CA Fresno CA …

  • Agents and Artificial Intelligence

    Agents and Artificial Intelligence
    Joaquim Filipe, Ana Fred

    For evidence groups, we differentiate between the best performing evidence types from our previous work (Top7), all evidence types (All), and all possible evidence types without the Top7 (All w/o Top7). For each search experiment, we generate a random AT set of random size, select one corresponding document, extract evidences according to the evidence type group, and execute search. The findings depicted in Fig. 3(a)–(c) are summarized as follows: 1. Search Set Size.

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