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  • Plant Production and Management under Drought Conditions

    Plant Production and Management under Drought Conditions
    J.F. Stone, W.O. Willis

    … 1.7 1.9 Osmotic potential (MPa) 1.8 1.8 Turgor potential (MPa) 0.1 —0.1 Gross photosynthesis (mg CO, dm" h") 26 26 Conductance (cm s") 0.8 1.4 Transpiration (mg H,O drn" h“) 4896 6768 Stomata (mm'2) Top 170 151 Bottom 342 354 Epidermal cells (mm-2) Top 928 896 Bottom 1554 1552 aData taken between 09.00 and 18.00 h. Means shown are averages over these times. less soil water than did the non-flowering plants and, therefore, had a much higher water-use efficiency.

  • The Orkneys and Shetland

    The Orkneys and Shetland
    John R. Tudor

    And so also on the slope of Fitful Head, at a "height of 800 feet by aneroid measurement, there are small patches of this deposit in which we observe smoothed stones of syenite and coarse grits in situ to the east, while on the hill- top (928 feet) blocks of syenite were noted, which must have been carried up the slope. All the facts now adduced unquestionably point to the westerly flow of the ice. They prove in fact, that the glaciating agent must have been powerful enough to override the …

  • The Ashley Book of Knots

    The Ashley Book of Knots
    Clifford Warren Ashley

    926. The Five-Strand Knots commence with a Five-Pointed Star. This may be tied in four-strand rope by splicing an extra strand to the core. It consists of a wall and a star-shaped crown. An identical knot may be made by tying a diamond and a single crown. This is shown as #852. J/4 927. A different knot with the wall tied to the right, but with the crown reversed. This makes a more pronounced Star than the last, quite different in character and very flat on top. 928. A Half-Round Knot.

  • United States Census of Agriculture ..., Volume 1, Part 1 - Volume 2, Part 4

    United States Census of Agriculture …, Volume 1, Part 1 – Volume 2, Part 4
    United States. Bureau of the Census

    … 186°g II.8°62 gzi “t Q08“c 6×99 to 9:0"I IIs 9&I 02."z loc"g vle 08.1 98. z ooi 81 – – – – – – – – – – – – – 100°g Ost I 620°C: 966 “Alt 12:9"g 908“II 9t.0°to: 0.29 9:t, 06.2°zz 8. I 6iz 688°69 zoli at gool gt.*91 ot, …It L99 I+ I+. Le"I 02: 02 I 29°z IQI £z 2. I 0&t'02 €tog°96 ogz"I 89. 996*26 Ez to oie to '86 862°8. £00“a 909°96. Ito"e 166*g. cci top 928'081 98t, “I ————————————-asn prouasnou uwo log Atriumpud snompoud ouponpoud sued “z …

  • The Argive Heraeum, Volume 2

    The Argive Heraeum, Volume 2
    Sir Charles Walston, Henry Stephens Washington, Edward Lippincott Tilton, Rufus Byam Richardson, James Rignall Wheeler, George Henry Chase, Joseph Clark Hoppin, Theodore Woolsey Heermance, Herbert Fletcher De Cou, Richard Norton, Albert Morton Lythgoe

    Rivets show on top. 928. From West Building. Pin and head gone. Length, 0.046 m. Height, 0.045 m. Foot rivet shows on top. Hole for head rivet pierced through. Under side of foot rectangular. Hook on left. Class ,B- Elliptical bar. (Forms transition to following forms.) 929. Pin and part of head and foot gone. Length, 0.029 m. Height, 0.0285 m. Head and foot rivets show on top. 930. Pin, head, and foot gone. Length and height, 0.035 m. Bit of iron in one rivet-hole. FORM 2. UPPER suns: …

  • Reports from Commisioners: Fifteen Volumes

    Reports from Commisioners: Fifteen Volumes

    Top. 928. Leek . . Pop. 4,036. Leek . . Pop. 4,036. Raphoe . . Pop. 6,227. Robert M'Cttntock, Esq. j. p. Rev. James M'Ginley, p. p. Rev. John Chambers. William Fcnwick, Esq. j. p. The respectable farmers, holding generally 20 or 30 acres. Poor farmers. In general fanners. Farmers of various grades ; from the largest farms to the smallest there are cottiers upon all. With gardens, from £1 10$. to £2 1 Us. per year, and without gardens, £l to £l 10s. £1 for a cabin; £l 10s. for a cabin with a …

  • Intermountain Industry and Engineering: Official Publication ..., Volume 24

    Intermountain Industry and Engineering: Official Publication …, Volume 24

    I ' z Na Itrza/ Ouflef The Cement Gun.—The “cement gun” is a pneumatically operated machine consisting of four main parts—the receiving chamber, the feed wheel, the air motor, and the discharge hose and nozzle. For the purpose of this report a brief excerpt is taken from the manufacturers description referring to the sectional drawing in Plate I. There are two tanks or chambers, 934-a and 926—a. each having a bell valve in the top, 928. The dry sand cement mixture is shoveled into …

  • Southwest Builder and Contractor

    Southwest Builder and Contractor

    … o, o 4 onamyer, 318's Sevile Ave, b $1850 *– o 5, Fons.35×35, comp ro; 5752 “ o. §§§o grand"View, 3'3. o, Tns, 20×24, comp rs; 200 so Annex, o An ex; A Reace , 636 N Edwy Śof *912–Dwig. 6 – * Ave; Ch $600 on; 28×41, comp rs; 428 Roji as E. Post, 5503 Isleta Dr, o & *013–Dwig 5 rms, 28×3 ..”.” ". 0, comp rs; 1352 Water. o St; (5 D Pruitt, 1310 Mohawk St, *: *013–Dwig 5 rm $1700 * r S. 28×34; 7245 Motor Av sons Annex; C T Goodman, Palms, o & … – 4 top. '928 Featherstone Dr …

  • A magyar korona országainak helységnévtára

    A magyar korona országainak helységnévtára
    Hungary. Statisztikai Hivatal

    … haz 34, £ 240, t., rk. Leszkóc, 1526 k. hold, tsz. S.-A.-Ujhely, jb. es adh. Homonna, 66, XXXVI, u. p. Homonna. Topolovec (Kls-)j O, Temes m., rékâsi j., haz 48, £ Tom — Top 928.

  • Czernowitzer Zeitung

    Czernowitzer Zeitung

    12 kr, ermäßigten Exekutionskosten die erekutive Feilbietung der Realität Nr. top. 928 in Czernowitz in drei Terminen, nämlich am 30. September, am 29. Oktober und am 25. November 1869 um 10 Uhr Vormittags hier vorgenommen werden wird. In den beiden ersten Terminen wied diese Realität nicht unter dem Schätzungswerthe von 12311 fl. 8 kr. öst. W. und in dem dritten Termine nur um einen solchen Preis verkauft werden, durch welchen sämmtliche Hypothekargläubiger …

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