Powerful Quotes Pdf

Powerful Quotes

Number of page: 35
Author: Deepak Gupta
Publisher: Inspirational Publishing
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

If everyone agrees to your theory,You are ordinary.If some people agree to your theory,You are innovative.If no one agrees to your theory,You are either a fool or an extraordinarybut only time will tell your title.Powerful Quotes book is the compilation of all the quotes written in the books of Deepak Gupta. From the last five years, he has written many quotes that change the lives of people every day. And now he’s sharing the best quotes in a separate book. If you are reading this, he hopes you would jump the highest wall to achieve your goals. If you love to read Robin Sharma Books and Quotes then you would surely love this book.From the Bestselling Author of '10 Principles To Love Yourself' and '10 Principles To Beat Failure', the quotes will make you think once in your life.

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