Starship Waking Pdf

Starship Waking

Author: C. Gockel
Publisher: C. Gockel
Category: Fiction

A standalone adventure in the Archangel Project universe. On an icy, barren world, a starship dreams of doom… u2029Throughout the galaxy, the reclusive alien race known as The One are incapacitated by terror .u2029On the planet Luddeccea, wolf-human hybrid Volka harbors a terrible secret…a secret that must explain her nightmares .u2029Trapped on a luxurious asteroid, pleasure ‘bot 6T9 struggles to find purpose—until he receives a message from an Unidentified Caller .u2029The worlds of The One, Volka, and 6T9 are about to collide. The galaxy will be shaken to its core .u2029The starship is waking.

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