Distant Dreams Pdf

Distant Dreams

Number of page: 237
Author: Alicia Rades
Publisher: Crystallite Publishing
ISBN: 9780997486230
Category: Fiction

I’m Kai Watson, and I have a secret. Each night, my spirit leaves my body and travels to a new location. Thanks to my gift, I’m now the sole witness to the brutal murder of upperclassman Darla Baxter. I wish I could tell someone, but I never saw the murderer’s face.When my travels are replaced by nightmares, there’s only one way to get them back. I have to catch the killer myself.On my search for answers, I continue to bump into Darla’s brother, Collin, who’s as dreamy as he is sweet. If we don’t catch the killer, I might never learn to open my heart to him—and I may lose my gift forever.Topics: young adult books, young adult paranormal, astral travel, psychics, teen books, high school, supernatural, modern fantasy, magical realism, teen fiction, standalone

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