Number of page: 100
Author: Thomas Jacob
Publisher: Thomas Jacob
Category: Self-Help

Could there be a formula for luck Most of my life, my friends, family, co-workers and society, in general, made me believe that some people were lucky and others were not. During my college days, my friends used to point out the ‘rich kids’ who came to classes driving expensive cars. They were the lucky ones, I was told. During holidays they used to vacation with their families in quaint European towns. And, of course, they were always surrounded by pretty girls. The rest of us, according to my friends, were the unlucky ones.It wasn’t just money. Some people seemed to be happier than others. Some people seemed to have fewer problems. And the reason, according to everybody, was always ‘luck’. Over the years, as I started learning about the mind, I realized that luck is something that can be controlled. There are ways of thinking and habit patterns that can make you luckier. Once you begin to apply these techniques, it will seem like miracles are happening to you. This book is about The Luck Formula.

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