Witch Hunt Pdf

Witch Hunt

Number of page: 100
Author: Annie Bellet
Publisher: Doomed Muse Press
Category: Fiction

A mute elven archer known only as Killer. Azyrin, a half Winter-orc
shaman and his human swordswoman bride, Makha. Drake, the charming,
swashbuckling rogue. The fireball-slinging pixie-goblin, Rahiel, and her
mini-unicorn, Bill. These are the Gryphonpike Companions.Arriving
in Strongwater Barrow, the Companions find the town riddled with plague
and death. Ending the curse and saving the survivors means going into
the swamps where monsters lurk and witches wait. Sounds like exactly
their kind of day.Witch Hunt is an adventure fantasy novella.Also in the Gryphonpike Chronicles series:The Barrows (omnibus edition containing all four novellas)
Key Themes: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Elves, Archery, Adventure, Action, Dragon, Witch

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